Galaxy Hero Power-Ups

hey guys, rop here with the latest info on our new obsession, GALAXY HERO. Ima tell you about the power-ups that you can earn while playing da game.

galaxy hero

First off, you can get April Fooled by Rop and Smileyselena by thinking that we actually care about this game.

Wait what? I got April Fooled? Yes you sure did my friend, but I already think that you already knew. But whatever.

So ha. Ha. HAHAHA. Ha. 🙂

Changing Blog Theme

Hey guys. Me and Ropstar wanted to try something different for a change. Since Fantage is such a big topic, we decided to try to narrow it down. We both really like the game Galaxy Hero, so we decided to change our blog theme to that! 🙂

Ropstar made the background all galaxy themed, so it is official!! I really like the idea, and I hope you guys will to! Comment down your thoughts about the big change. Also, as u kno, Rop is a picky grammer person, but now we rn’t going 2 use ani proper grammar stuf. we liak 2 type liak this now because it’s mre fun n it mkes ppl happy.


The Hero of the Galaxy

welcome my peasants, to a new era of fantage rop here. As you now notice there is no more “fantagerop” on here. now you shoud know that this blog is now all about GALAZY HERO, a new game that I found at da arcade the i now love. So now i decided to give up blogging about downhill fantage in general, and focus on just GALAXY HERO baby

galaxy hero

So i have edited all the backgrounds and colors to fit galaxy hero now, and rop here wil now be more laid back and in the lack of good grammar. So i bet yall are happy now, because rop is here is going to write about your favorite game!




bet yall so excited for the new things to come baby

The Eyes of a Member

This goes to you non-members. Ever wanted to get those gorgeous member eyes? Well you can! It’s simple! Just follow the path of free member eyes below.

Step 1: Go to the Spanish Server

On your screen on Fantage, there is two languages in Fantage that you can play in. English, and Español (Spanish). Click on the Español button, and it will take you to the Spanish version of Fantage.

free member eyes

Step 2: Log into Your Account

Next, log into your account that you want member eyes with on the Spanish server.

free member eyes

That’s not how many characters I have in my password, I just typed in “password.”

There’s only one Spanish server that’s never even halfway full so don’t worry about full servers.

Step 3: Go to Sunblock at the Beach

Since I already have member eyes, I’m just going to wear non-member eyes for now. At Sunblock, go to the eyes you want.

free member eyes

Step 4: “Purchase” the Member Eyes 

This is the awesome part, on the Spanish server, all of the eyes are 0 stars and 0 eCoins. Buy the eyes with eCoins, because buying it with Stars doesn’t work, beause it’s originally for members only.

free member eyes

Step 5: Wala!

Hooray! You got free member eyes!

free member eyes

Now you can roam Fantage with your new member eyes. Fresh dude.

free member eyes

St. Patricks Day 2015

Fantage has transformed into a world of green, green, and you know it, clovers. But it’s weird that they only decorate Downtown, Uptown, and partially the Forest now.

Event Info

st pattys day

Parade of Da Green

st pattys day

Green, green, green, and you know it again, clovers. You can join a parade with only one theme – green! Dress your best to impress the operating system and get your way to the front! But I think you’re ordered by how soon you join because when I joined right after the previous round, I was placed near the front, and when I joined 2 minutes before the start of the parade, I was at the end.

Clover Plants

You can now plant three and four leaf clovers in your Fantage Farm! You can earn up to 100 stars when you harvest these clovers!

st pattys day

Full of imaginary luck.

lucky clovers

Arrest the Leprechaun 

In this game, located at the forest, you can place blocks around the run away leprechaun and try to capture him, which has the exact gameplay as Mouse Out. You can earn prizes along with your victory.

Tip: Try not to place blocks right near him, because he can easily get around it. Instead, place blocks further away, in which that it’ll be difficult to get around the blockade.

st pattys minigames

Raining Clovers 

It’s raining clovers! Represent your team by collecting (clicking) as many clovers as you can and beat the other team. What do you get? Stars! Averaging 50 each round.

Tip: Don’t look at your score, it’ll just slow you down. Mass click randomly at the clovers and you’ll get a bunch!

st pattys minigames

Limited Items

st pattys day

How suprising. They spelled “colorful” wrong. Who wants a Coloful Collared Shirt?


Who’s good at playing the bagpipe? Because these costumes remind me of Scottish people jamming on the bagpipe. How many four leaf clovers can you find around your area?

How Well Do You Know Me?

How well do you know Rop? I don’t know. Take the quiz here:

Comment how much you got!

Valentine’s Flying By

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ It’s Friday the 13th, and Fantage has released A Chocolate Foactory, where you can gather gifts to make your delicious chocolate, and Q-Blast has some special Valentine’s gifts wiating inside the cakes in the Bakery maps.

Chocolate Factory

chocolate factory

You can make chocolates by gathering each of the cocoa, strawberry or mint chocolates, and milk that can be found anywhere in Fantage, even shops so keep your eye out! The only places with no gifts, is at the Island, Sea Breeze, inside the Lighthouse and Fantage School, and the Mission Center.

The gifts look like this, so when you see one, make sure you click on it, and then head over to the Chocolate Factory icon on your top left taskbar to make your chocolates.

chocolate factory

If your team (strawberry or mint chocolatiers) win on who makes the most chocolates, you can earn a prize chance, which you can actually choose good prizes from past events. Keywood: GOOD. But use it quickly, because if you don’t use it in a day, it’ll dissappear. Both nons and members can pick any of these prizes. Woohoo! Wondering what the prizes are? Don’t fret! I got them right here!

chocolate factory

chocolate factory

chocolate factory

A Q-Blast Valentine’s

Q-Blast is now offering special gifts hidden inisde cakes in all Bakery maps. The prizes contain 5 cocoa nuts to make chocolates, and 10 stars/eCoins.

Cupcake Chaos has returned! It has not changed at all, so if you want to glance at how to play it, click here from last year’s event, and scroll to the bottom of the post.

chocolate factory

There’s also a Chocolate Fountain at the Forest! Take a dip into it, and see what sweet food item you’ll become. Or I’ll just tell you here. You can transform into a:

  1. Apple
  2. Ice Cream Cone
  3. Graham Cracker
  4. Strawberry
  5. Sundae 
  6. Chocolate Bar

How sweet!

chocolate factory

Limited Items

Nice way to remember the event. Pick up your limited items if your a Premium Member.

chocolate factory

chocolate factory


I bet this year will run by as fast as the previous two years. It’s already Valentine’s. Crazy. Well I hope you have a sweet Valentine’s, making chocolate’s, and spending lots of money on cards!

Chamber of Accounts Raffle #1

I recently changed the password to the Chamber of Accounts due to banning. Mhm. Not suprised. But now I have a more secure way of handing out the password. I’m going to hold raffles, contests, and other stuff for the password and other stuff. This one, is the first!

Just comment anything, and you’ll be automatically entered in the raffle.

The Winner

Dang, I ran out of dots. Well here’s the winner!

raffle winner

Thanks for entering! I’ll email you the password Muffins. Congrats!

Loading von Frustrating

Don’t you really cringe at the loading screen? An hour passes by, the same number. o-o Refresh, changes browsers, restarts computer, same thing. -_- So any of you guys have the same problem? Maybe it’s just my WiFi network…


2015 New Looks

Hey guys, Fantage has released new clothes for 2015 in Le Shop and Stellar Salon! Lets go check it out.

2015 styles

I gotta say, they made a pretty nice banner.

Le Shop

new styles

Honestly, all of them are super ugly. Who would want to wear these? The shirts are 2,000 stars each, pants are 1,800 stars each, and the shoes are 1,000 stars each. The model on the right is wearing clothes for non-members.

Stellar Salon

new styles

Fantage, you’re dissapointing. The Model Hair looks like worms are coming out or there head, and the Fedora looks like it’s for girls. They all cost 3,000 stars each. The Basketball Star Hair is for nons.

The map has changed, and there’s no snow on Fantage anymore. In my area…

new styles


I’m glad that Fantage has released new clothes, but they’re all ugly. I wouldn’t wear that around. Be fashionable!